Dr. Patrick Trevidic
Dr. Patrick Trevidic
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The lower eyelids

The magic of a look is essentially based on its brilliance and its liveliness. However, the mirror test, especially in the morning, frequently gives us a look at the tired and aged aspect. The lower eyelid region is mainly the cause!
This vision will usually begin about the age of 30 years. And it will continue to accentuate up to 55/60 years.
How can this problem be explained? It is, of course, due to aging of the skin that creates:
-A withering of the skin, which has become too fine,
-A fatty appearance in bags under the eyes,
-and sunken circles around the eyes.
And this aging is, unfortunately, genetic.

So, how can this all be corrected? It will first be a question of removing the bags under the eyes, then of restoring volume in the circles and finally tightening the skin. The bags under the eyes will make it possible to rejuvenate the circles. And the only technical problem lies in restoration of the skin. This is a very delicate process!
Indeed, the lower eyelid is a fixed eyelid, similar to a “clothesline”. Any excessive pulling on it will cause the eyelid to droop. The result will then be a round eye with a modified gaze …
Eyelid surgery is therefore a sophisticated surgical process that must only be undertaken by an experienced surgeon. He alone will be able to measure the traction to be exerted on the lower eyelid. Inefficient traction will produce no result. And too much traction will produce a round eye.
During the preoperative consultation, Doctor Trevidic will explain to you the different techniques he can do to give you the best results.
The procedure lasts 30 to 45 minutes. It takes place in an outpatient clinic and social downtime will be ten days.