Dr. Patrick Trevidic
Dr. Patrick Trevidic

Botulinum Toxin Injections - BOTOX ®

Botulinum toxin has been used in various medical fields for over 40 years. Its aim is to reduce conditions where there is an increase in muscle contraction, such as in ophthalmology, neurology, dermatology, etc. It has been used for more than 30 years in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of wrinkles. It causes a measured and temporary decrease in muscle contraction, without damaging the muscle itself. This is not a filler. Botulinum toxin is known in France under various trade names such as Botox®, Vistabel®, Dysport®, Azzalure®, Xeomin® and Bocouture®.


Facial expressions are the product of the contraction of the muscles of the face. This muscular activity marks the skin, causing wrinkles that, over time, can become deep and permanent. Botulinum toxin is injected with very fine needles which makes this procedure almost painless. The procedure, which lasts between 15–30 minutes, is performed at Dr Trevidic's clinic. The results appear within 2–15 days, therefore a follow-up visit is scheduled three weeks after the injection. During this check-up, a touch-up injection can be carried out if the result is considered insufficient or, in a few cases, asymmetrical. The doses adapted to each case help to avoid the "frozen" appearance often feared by patients. By reducing muscle tension, the result is smooth-looking skin, with a rejuvenating effect. There is also a preventive and protective effect against ageing when the treatment is maintained over the long term. Unwanted frowning and other facial expressions, caused by wrinkles, will no longer be seen negatively by others.


Botulinum toxin helps reduce "frown lines", forehead wrinkles, "crow's feet" wrinkles, bitterness folds, perioral wrinkles.
It's also used to treat bruxism (teeth grinding) and hyperhidrosis (sweating) of the armpits, hands and feet.

It acts on the balance of the muscles of the face: botulinum toxin can, for example, be used to raise eyebrows which have fallen over the years but also to relax the muscles of the neck which create the cervical cords. Botulinum toxin works at the union between the nerve, which transmits the electrical impulse, and the muscle which performs the action, like an insulator, causing localized decrease, or even paralysis, of muscle activity. This action reduces wrinkles placed opposite the muscles concerned.

This is a temporary treatment; the treated muscles gradually begin to regain their contracting capacity after a few months (on average 4–6 months)
It can also reduce or correct an asymmetry of the face.

*Botox ® is a registered trademark belonging to the US company ALLERGAN Inc.

Good to know

Post treatment

Some minor redness and swelling may persist between 20–30 minutes after the injections. Patients can resume their normal activities after the session.

During the 24 hours following the injection of botulinum toxin, patients must refrain from playing sports or any extreme exertion and avoid exposing the treated areas to high temperatures (sun, sauna, hammam).

Avoid facial manipulations and massages as well as wearing a cap, helmet, swimming goggles or a hat that is too tight.


Duration of effect

Full recovery of muscle contractions normally takes 4–6 months, after which time, treatment will need to be repeated in order to maintain the relaxed appearance.

*During your consultation, Dr Trevidic will show you examples of before and after cases.

Adverse effects and possible complications

The minimal risks following the injection of botulinum toxin should not be overestimated:

-Pain, redness, or bruising at the injection site.

-Sense of tension, immobility of the forehead, mouth or neck, depending on the areas injected which may persist for several days.

-Migration of the product, causing it to diffuse into other muscles, is very rare, but it can cause temporary side effects such as sagging of the upper eyelid or eyebrows.