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Dr. Patrick Trevidic
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The eyebrow

The eyebrow appears as a hairy area above the eye. But it is also one of the main vectors of facial expressions such as anger, aggression, or astonishment.
The eyebrow undergoes changes due to ageing. It can be positional changes or volume losses … and it is different depending on the gender. For example, a man’s eyebrow is horizontal, and a woman’s is full and oblique.
Makeup will help amplify and enhance an eyebrow. On the other hand, it will not change the eyebrow’s position, shape, or volume.


The practitioner has two treatment options to improve eyebrows.
These are the botulinum toxin (Botox ®) and hyaluronic acids (fillers) mentioned in previous newsletters.
The eyebrow is situated in the middle of a muscle ‘scale’, between muscles that lift the eyebrow and others, which lower it.
The toxin will therefore adjust this scale. It is then possible to raise or lower the eyebrow, especially the tail of the eyebrow, which is the lateral end.
Hyaluronic acid fillers will improve two areas:
The first will be to plump up the eyebrow, which over time withers, losing its fleshy appearance.
The second will go up this part of the face, combining two actions which will combat the ageing process.
The quantity injected must be moderate to stop the eyebrow drooping and looking like a “sausage”.
In addition, the quality of the toxin or hyaluronic acid injection technique is essential to place the product at the right depth and in the right place.
Very droopy eyebrows may require lift surgery, practiced by Doctor Trevidic. In addition, the eyebrows are closely linked with the upper eyelids, and the combined treatment of these two elements will sometimes need major rejuvenation