Dr. Patrick Trevidic
Dr. Patrick Trevidic
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The female stomach

The stomach plays an essential place in the female silhouette. So, one of the first requests by women concerns their abdomen. An hourglass figure and a firm midsection are undeniable beauty and health assets! This is why most women have a strong desire for a flat stomach, especially after pregnancy.
Indeed, many women over time, and frequently during the postpartum stage, will notice and resent the noticeable physical changes. Their stomach has lost its flat and well-defined appearance. Its size has increased, and the silhouette has faded.
Several events can then occur:
A weight gain or a genetic disposition which results in increased fat within and outside the stomach,
– A poor lifestyle and insufficient physical activities which cause the stomach muscles to relax,
– Finally, with time and unavoidable ageing, the skin will lose a great amount of elasticity.
A surgeon can operate to reduce fat outside the stomach. They can also tighten the skin and muscles. However, surgery has its limits, and it can neither revive muscles, nor help gain or lose weight. The surgical procedure will undoubtedly improve the stomach, but it cannot resolve everything …
There are three possible procedures for the stomach:
– A simple liposuction,
– A mini abdominoplasty,
– A large abdominoplasty or classic abdominoplasty.
It goes without saying, that the agreed treatment may increase the sequence of interventions.
The procedure is be planned according to the extent of the specific problems. But the patient’s expectations are also taken into account.
All these interventions take place in a short stay outpatient clinic, and the patient will usually wear a binder for two to three weeks.
There is little pain, apart from a few hematomas and oedema that will disappear in one month.
The final result is seen after three to six months.
Sometimes a little more time is needed in the event of scarring problems.