Dr. Patrick Trevidic
Dr. Patrick Trevidic
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Due to genetic influence or during weight loss, buttocks can become almost non-existent over time.
In addition, due to the influence of global aesthetics, plumper buttocks have become more fashionable. Patient demand for increased buttock volume is now significant.

It is important to know that the injections of filler products are currently either prohibited or produce disappointing results. Additionally, the volume of filler required makes the cost prohibitive, and the product disappears quickly.
The use of suspension threads in a ‘Butt Lift’ is ineffective, and possibly dangerous. This is why surgery remains the only effective option.


Two surgical procedures are possible. The first is fat grafting. The second is the insertion of buttock prostheses.

Fat grafting

Fat grafting has been used for 25 years. It results in only moderate augmentation.
However, this technique presents a major difficulty: we do not know the definitive volumetric result immediately following treatment. It is only after about a month that we will know how much of the initially implanted volume will remain. This may result in disappointment for the patient. Additionally, another problem is the fat donor areas. Whether single or multiple, these areas must contain sufficient fat for the procedure.
However, the results are definitive. The surgery remains simple, is not very painful and is performed on an outpatient basis.

Buttock prosthesis

The benefit of the insertion of a prosthesis is the planning to obtain the exact desired volume. However, this second surgery can involve more difficulties and complications. This procedure, like any other prosthesis insertion, requires regular monitoring and planning for any future changes.

After examining you and discussing your expectations for buttock augmentation, Doctor Trévidic will clearly explain the procedure to you.