Dr. Patrick Trevidic
Dr. Patrick Trevidic
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Breasts after pregnancy

The perfect figures of models, or other celebrities, who have just given birth, are frequently published in magazines. But it is not so easy when it comes to finding your own perfect figure after a pregnancy, far from it …
However, it is possible to quickly improve the breast shape following pregnancy.
Let us speak on this subject to Doctor Trevidic:
“Many women come to see me about the shape of their breasts after childbirth. This is the phase that we doctors call postpartum. They are delighted with their new-born baby but want their breasts to return to their pre-pregnancy state”
Indeed, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breast skin, will become distended.
Subsequently, the breasts tend to droop. This is called a mammary ptosis.
But you should also know that the whole breast will decrease or increase according to the weight at which a post-pregnancy woman stabilizes. This is called, hypo or hypertrophy, as the case may be.
“Therefore, I must often treat the whole of the breast as well as the skin”, said Doctor Trevidic.
In order to improve the whole breast, the shape can be increased with a breast implant or with fat taken from the lower body. But the breast can also be reduced if it has increased as a result of pregnancy.
However, patients need to understand”, continues Doctor Trevidic, “that, when inserting a breast implant, and therefore increasing the weight, we may not always completely treat the drooping of the breast. And in the long term, we may increase ptosis”
Additionally, to create the perfect form of the breast, the skin may also need to be treated. Therefore, the skin may be tightened, leaving just a short scar.
These interventions generally take place in an outpatient clinic and will take half a day.
This treatment is not very painful, even with the insertion of a breast implant; the pain can vary between 2 and 3 on a scale of 10.
The follow-up takes 6 to 8 days, which corresponds to the date of the removal of the stitches. A compression bra should be worn for 2 weeks and then a completely normal life and activities can be resumed.

So, following childbirth, rediscovering a pre-pregnancy breast is achievable.