Dr. Patrick Trevidic
Dr. Patrick Trevidic
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The Texas look

The “Texas Look” is an aesthetic concept that mainly concerns men.

This is because the structure of the male jaw is different from that of a woman.

The male mandibular line is defined by a chin that is both squarer and more pronounced.

In addition, the muscles are 30% larger by volume than those of women. This difference is further accentuated through the hollow of the male cheeks.

This is all called the “Texas Look”. This is the true signature of masculinity on the lower part of a man’s face. When male jaws are narrowed and the chin is receding, this genetic fact can be corrected.

The method, invented and published, by Doctor Trevidic makes it possible to bring back this famous “Texas Look”. This involves injecting hyaluronic acid, using the innovative “multilayer” technique.

Usually, a one or two sessions is sufficient. Everything is completely pain free as local anaesthesia is used and the treatment causes very little bruising.