Dr. Patrick Trevidic
Dr. Patrick Trevidic
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The “Multilayering Technique” of Dr Patrick Trevidic

A new facial ageing treatment technique called “Multilayering Technique” will soon be published in the prestigious US journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

This new technique provides an innovative change from using conventional hyaluronic acid injections. The ageing process is reversed without modifying the face and retaining the face’s natural mobility.

To better understand this technique, you should know that the face is not a uniform structure. Indeed, it has subtly stacked layers which age individually and independently. Some of the layers are fixed and others are mobile.

The older hyaluronic acid injection techniques did not take these layers into account. The injections were therefore only deep or superficial and within “monolayers”.

In addition, conventional hyaluronic acids did not follow the facial movements. So it was necessary to choose between correction and movement. The results were sometimes strange with swollen cheekbones and rigidities to mobility or insufficient correction.

After several years of research, Dr TREVIDIC discovered that each layer of the face needed to be injected. It uses different innovative hyaluronic acids, which on their own, allow the face to retain all its naturalness, mobility and expressions.

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery article highlights his work and research on this new “Multilayering” technique.