Dr. Patrick Trevidic
Dr. Patrick Trevidic
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The lasting qualities of the facelift

In recent years, there have been many negative announcements circulating on the demise of the facelift … In reality, the facelift is more relevant than ever and it still has many more great years ahead of it.

Three parts of the face are mainly affected during the ageing processthe eyelids, the oval shape of the face and the neck.
But none of them can be corrected or improved by devices or injections, or even by suspension threads. The latter are at best ineffective and temporary, and at worst dangerous. Only surgery can treat the lower face.
This is linked to the ageing process
During facial ageing, which is mainly genetic, two phenomena telescope at the level of the lower face. There is sagging of the skin and a fatty areas in the jowls and the neck. The whole process is independent of weight and these two phenomena overlap. The weight of the fat increases the relaxation and the relaxation reveals the fat …
The only effective and logical treatment therefore consists in removing the fat and tightening the facial appearance. This is called a facelift.

The facelift process

Gaudy and clichéd images of facelifts still exist: significant swelling, distorted faces and of course, poorly managed pain relief … and yet modern, deep facelifts, associated with new anesthesia products, allow simpler after effects, painfree, with just a few bruises and minor swelling.
Doctor Trévidic’s technique enables patients to return home two hours post-surgery and a return to social life within 8 to 10 days. All this without reducing the effectiveness of the treatment!
Indeed, the minimal facial scars of mini-lifts are temporary.

A test to decide what is best for you

Before making a decision, you can try a small test that will help you see if a facelift will suit you. To begin, take a mirror and examine yourself in a sitting position. It’s you in the morning in your bathroom! Then, use the same mirror in an elongated position on your bed, without a pillow. If the difference seems to you to be worth it, it is because the facelift is for you!

A useful test to help you make your decision …