Dr. Patrick Trevidic
Dr. Patrick Trevidic
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How time affects the lips ?

During the ageing process, time will affect the lips with significant visual changes:
− the space between the upper lip and nose lengthens,
− the red lips become thinner, due to reduced volume,
− and a flattening of contours.
These phenomena are accentuated, in women only, with the appearance of vertical wrinkles. The treatment is not immediately clear as it will be is necessary to treat all four changes, to plan and achieve a natural result.
Indeed, only increasing the volume of the red lip (cf. the previous newsletter on the increase in the lip) will result in “bell stick” appearance because the elongation of the white lip will not have been treated. A primary analysis of the lip is essential for Doctor Trévidic : “We only correct what we understand well”.
The practitioner should also study old photos of the patients to fully understand and optimally correct the effects of age.
To compensate for these multiple changes due to ageing, a single technique and a single product may prove to be unsuitable.
The use of botulinum toxin and different hyaluronic acids will inevitably be used for the correction of aging. It is important to allow a “backtrack” by intervening on all the changes that appeared.
The technique invented by Doctor Trévidic makes it possible to act on the first three elements.
The technique was published in 2020 in one of the largest aesthetic medical journals.
In addition, Doctor Trévidic offers more rarely, due to scarring, a discreet but established surgical procedure. It consists of rejuvenation lifting surgery of the lip.
In all cases, consulting early enough, at the first signs of aging, is essential. Corrections will only then be easier and more discreet!