Dr. Patrick Trevidic
Dr. Patrick Trevidic
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Increased lip volume

The demand for increasing the volume of the lips has become, in only a few years, the second most globally requested injection.

The reasons?
They are mainly due to two factors.
The first reason is genetics, resulting in giving us small lips from birth, which we want to increase.
The second is acquired.

The ravages of age inexorably decrease the volume of lips.

Correction by a fat transplant, involving the reinjection of the patient’s own fat, taken from their lower body, is far from satisfactory. Indeed, the results are too variable, and uncertain.
Disappointed by this technique, Doctor Trévidic only offers the injection of hyaluronic acid. “This is the only product I use. All scientific publications for 20 years show that it acts effectively and permanently. ”

Understandably, before explaining the actual injection technique to the patient, and the natural results that can be achieved, Doctor Trévidic will discuss, with examples, the wishes and expectations of the patient. For example, some want only a moderate increase in volume, whilst others, a larger volume. However, it should be remembered that each person has a defined ratio between the upper lip and the bottom lip. It is important to keep this ratio, failing which the result will appear strange.
An increase only in the upper lip will give an unbalanced result.

Taking into account all these criteria is fundamental to optimal treatment. It avoids the monstrous results observed all around, the confirmation of poorly made injection decisions.
In addition, the lip, the most mobile area on the face, must retain this mobility.
You have to avoid, at all costs, derogatory remarks, such as: “Have you had your lips injected?”

So, preserving this lip mobility is based on a successful procedure, the result of a knowledgeable and precise analysis of the quantity of hyaluronic acid to inject. After several years of research, Doctor Trévidic developed a technique, published under the name of “French Kiss”. It makes treatment possible to increase the requested lip volume while ensuring a natural result.
All the subtleties and possibilities of this innovative technique will be described and explained to you during your appointment with Doctor Trévidic.