Dr. Patrick Trevidic
Dr. Patrick Trevidic
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Dark circles often give our eyes a tired look. This is one of the main treatments requested by both male and female patients.
Understanding the dark circles
The circle is multifactorial, including three key elements:
• The dark colour is genetically programmed, existing even in children.
• A hollow circle can be located in the same place under the eyes. Bone loss, which increases with age, creates a hollow, which accentuates the dark colour. Indeed, a dark colour within a hollow will appear darker.
• The bags under the eyes, often linked to excess fat, will form a raised area above the hollow and coloured circle, resulting in accentuated colour from the bag shadow.

What can we do to modify this circle?
Understanding the structure of the circle allows us to consider possible options:
• Unfortunately, no fading technique actually works on the dark colour.
• The hollow can be corrected by a painless injection of a specific hyaluronic acid. This is a very gentle and innovative technique, used by Dr TREVIDIC, which he described in his second book (Anatomy & Volumizing Injections), published by E2E, 8 years ago.
• Bags under the eyes can only be treated with surgery.

Treating dark circles under the eyes is a complex area, which sometimes requires a medico-surgical approach, resulting in extremely positive results.