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Dr. Patrick Trevidic
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When you return from vacation, you will generally feel in good health and relaxed. However, you should still pay particular attention to the health of your skin. It is often a question of improving it as it will have been affected by many external factors such as the sun, the sea, or the altitude …
All of these factors will diminish the internal structures of the skin, which are called glycosaminoglycans. These complex carbohydrates form an integral part of the structure of our connective tissue, itself the basis of our skin. Within these glycosaminoglycans we find elements, such as hyaluronic acid. These elements contribute to water retention and therefore to the hydration of the skin. If they were mistreated throughout the summer period, whilst the holidays had beneficial effects to the morale, unfortunately the skin will be sorely tested …

Two solutions after the summer break

Throughout the summer, you may have taken care of your skin as part of your daily routine, with the use of good sun protection and efficient rehydration. However, on your return, you will need to give your skin additional help without delay.

Two treatments, in September, will help you achieve beautiful skin.

-Internal treatment
The first is an internal treatment thanks to hyaluronic acid injections. Doctor Trevidic uses very fluid hyaluronic acid, with the mesotherapy technique, which is a more durable treatment. This very meticulous technique consists of a multitude of small, almost painless, and very superficial skin pricks. The hyaluronic acid is injected using a cannula, which is like a very small hollow stem. This allows easier diffusion of the product. As this product is placed exactly in the most appropriate place, this treatment is much more effective than 4 or 5 injection points, which then need to be massaged at each injected area.

– External treatment
The second stage to improve your skin after the summer is to eliminate small wrinkles, blemishes, and dead skin cells.
This action consists in the application of a controlled acid onto the skin: it is a deep intermediate peel.

So, this double treatment will allow you to rediscover a skin that will not only be repaired, but also rejuvenated!
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