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Dr. Patrick Trevidic
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From the age of 45 years, obvious signs of ageing will appear on the neck.
When the neck ages, two visible chords, located on either side of the midline, can be seen from below the chin ending above the chest. These are called platysmal bands. They are indisputable proof of changes due to the ageing process.

Origins of platysmal bands

These two bands, which appear under the skin of the ageing neck, are caused by contractions of the main muscle of the neck, which is called the platysma. This muscle is stretched like a sheet of paper. It is positioned in the neck and the bands represent the front edge.
For a long time, these infamous bands were perceived and understood to be a loosening of the skin and muscle, as a result of age-related gravity.
The only valid treatment at that time had to be a facelift.
In 2017, Dr Trevidic, with his team, published an article on platysmal bands in a leading scientific journal that serves as a global reference for aesthetic treatments (see reference below*). It showed that the platysmal bands are not due to the relaxation but, on the contrary, to the contraction of the muscle which is accentuated with age.
This contraction, therefore, pulls the skin and occupies the bowstring of the neck.

What treatment?
From the moment the hyper contraction of the muscle was identified, appropriate treatment was essential. The strength of this muscle needed to be reduced with the use of botulinum toxin to relax it before it could definitively pull the skin down.
Indeed, at that time, the only treatment was the facelift, of which Doctor Trevidic is an experienced specialist.
Practically, the botulinum toxin injections are painless. Their effectiveness becomes evident after 2 to 3 weeks. Overall, their action lasts between 4 to 6 months.
The secret to the success of this treatment is specifically based on the injection technique and the quality of the botulinum toxin used.
Dr Trevidic will know exactly where to locate the injections and the exact dose for each of the points to achieve the best results.
This treatment can be performed at Dr Trevidic’s office.

*Plast Reconstr Surg . 2017 Jan;139(1):41-47.
Platysma Bands: Is a Change Needed in the Surgical Paradigm?
Patrick Trévidic , Gisella Criollo-Lamilla